Donald J. Alschuler

Formerly specialized in the documentation of long term projects. These projects include the building of the Chinese Garden (Liu Fang Yuan) and restoring the Japanese Garden at the Huntington in San Marino, California. Other projects include documentation of visits by U.S. Doctors to Columbia (to perform life changing orthopedic surgery on children), people & places in Tibet, Women’s’ Tennis Championships, events for Corporate and Non Profit fund raising. I also document birthdays, weddings and wedding anniversaries for seniors (Over 60 + years).

I am a native of Los Angeles California, a graduate of U. C. Berkeley and former C.P.A. and C.E.O.. I have served as a management consultant and board member for public and private companies.

Thanks for looking over my images. Your comments will be appreciated.

Don Alschuler

My e-mail address is
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